Cast Member Oral History Project

The history of Disneyland is filled with stories about the park’s designers, builders, and administrators. As important as these folks were and are, it’s time now to hear from everyone else. After all, as one retiree recently observed: “It’s the Cast Members in the background who keep Disneyland running!”

To help capture what it was like working at the park in its early days, the Disneyland Alumni Club has decided it wants to start a project conducting oral history interviews with its members.

The oral histories will be recorded and those histories will be preserved at a place to be named later. Written transcripts of the interviews will then become available to the public through the Anaheim Heritage Center’s extensive Disneyland collection.

Interviews will be recorded in-person and should take no longer than an hour. Topics will cover: what it was like working at Disneyland; how your Disney experience impacted your career and personal life; and what it means to be a Disneyland alumnus. Our hope is to add to the history of Disneyland by sharing previously untapped cast member stories.

We are interested in interviewing all members of the Disneyland Alumni Club, and many others who are currently not members. We are especially interested in interviewing Cast Members who worked at the park in the 1950s ‘60s and ‘70s. It is time to “Remember the Magic,” and add your voice to Disneyland history!

If you have questions about or would like to participate in this project, please contact Mark Eades at

September 28th, 2021