Getting ready for the Gala Dinner

Putting on a Gala Dinner for the Disneyland Alumni Club took quite a bit of work on the part of the directors and managers of the club.

They got together the afternoon and evening of July 30, 2021, Friday, to start working on the preparations at the Anaheim Majestic Garden Hotel for Saturday’s dinner.

Several volunteers of the club work on putting together the table centerpieces. Photo by Mark Eades.

None of them (us) get paid to run the club, we are all volunteers.

For some of the prep work, it was easier to turn it into an assembly line. In this photo are Michele Nagata (back left), Mark Houck with his arms in the air. Dansen Lipock in front of him. Then Mary Ann Meirowsky in the blue shirt, Donna Sue Davis in the green blouse and Frank Rose in the white shirt. Across from Frank is Peggy Matthews Rose. Photo by Mark Eades.

Of course, not all the prep work took place that night. A lot was done ahead of that night by the different volunteers.

The Chair of the dinner committee, Michele Nagata, works on printing out all the silent auction bid sheets. Photo by Mark Eades.

Lots of things to do to get ready.

Club president Ted Yamada was down on his hands and knees at one point. Photo by Mark Eades.

And then there was the swag.

Here are (l-r) Michele Nagata, Donna Sue Davis and Mary Ann Meirowsky figuring VIP gifts out. Photo by Mark Eades

Sometimes volunteers worked by themselves.

Dansen Lipock organizes some of the giveaway items for the souvenir bags. Photo by Mark Eades.

The bags everyone got turned out quite nice.

Mary Ann Meirowsky (left) and Peggy Matthews Rose check out the souvenir bags. They’re probably wondering what they would go for on ebay. Photo by Mark Eades.

But though they worked hard, the volunteers still had some fun.

Jerry Meirowsky relaxes (he did that a lot) (okay we kid him a lot) and Patty Ferrin decides to wake him up. Photo by Mark Eades.

But it also means going over and over all the details for the dinner schedule.

Donna Sue Davis and club chair Richard Ferrin go over the schedule for Saturday night’s dinner. Photo by Mark Eades.

The team worked more than five hours Friday night to get everything ready.

Club chair Richard Ferrin readies everything on his Mac that will run all the Audio Video. We see that club president Ted Yamada was finally able to get up off the floor. Photo by Mark Eades.

Finally, everything was done.

It’s really hard work supervising. Photo by Mark Eades.

That’s a taste of what it took to stage the Gala Dinner. We hope all that came had a good time.

August 11th, 2021