Halloween at OC’s other theme park

Disneyland might have Halloween decorations around the resort, but the other theme park in Orange County has them too.

Yep, we’re talking Knott’s Berry Farm, or Knott’s Scary Farm as it is known at this time of year.

Okay, while chickens and roosters might not count as Halloween decor. We did want to note that there are a few of them back wandering around the entrance to the park.

This guy, located near the entrance to Wagon Camp, looks like a miner who was looking for gold for way too long a time.

This dance hall gal looks like she has danced her last dance. Also near Wagon Camp.

Knott’s also makes use of jack-o-lanterns throughout the park, including this collection in Calico Square.

And at the train depot for the Calico Railroad, there is an interesting group of live and not so live people waiting for the train to arrive.

By the entrance to the Mine Train ride, a poor, hungry miner sings with a poor, hungry dog, as they both mourn their forlorn lives – or is it past lives?

The Timber Mountain Log Ride received a Halloween makeover as well.

The Charleston Fountain is known as the Pumpkin Fountain at this time of year.

Knott’s has plenty of pumpkins, some were used in this spot near the entrance to the new “Bear-y Tales” interactive ride.

Bigfoot Rapids had a group of ducks sitting on the rocks that look like Bigfoot’s footprint.

The schoolteacher has no students to teach, but she’s in the playground looking for kids that should have stayed in school.

Finally, in Camp Snoopy, this scarecrow has a totally Halloween-themed head.

And this is what happens to pumpkins that have lost their way. So that’s a visit during the day at the Farm, as it is called by us locals. At night the entire farm is really turned into Knott’s Scary Farm for its annual “Halloween Haunt.” That’s something your editor is too scared of to visit.

October 18th, 2021