How to Contact Us Via Email

The Disneyland Alumni Club has established some new email addresses to reach some of the volunteers who help run the club.

This is part of the process while establishing the new fun and easier to use website at 

One email address will look familiar to you, but the role of that email is changing as we’re essentially dividing things out among the volunteers.

So, here is the list of those new email addresses, and the purpose they will serve going forward from today. – This email is for the chair of our Board of Directors (currently Richard Ferrin). As chair, Richard guides the 7-person board as they meet (usually 4 times a year) to deal with any issues regarding club policy, which charities it will support, and approve any financial expenditures. – This is for the president of our club (currently Ted Yamada). The president oversees the business of the club, helping guide our various managing directors plan events and fundraising activities. He is also a member of the Board of Directors and functions as the alternate if the chair is not available for a board meeting. – This is a big change. In the past this email address has been used for just about everything, including getting in touch with the treasurer and editor of the e-newsletter, but not anymore. It will transition over to our new club secretary (currently Michele Nagata) and just be for the business that a secretary of an incorporated non-profit 501 (c) (3) charity has to deal with such as mandatory filings with the state and federal governments. The secretary also puts together the agenda for the Board of Directors, and keeps the minutes of their meetings. – This is for the treasurer of our club (currently Mark Eades). The treasurer deals with the finances of the club, making sure dues, donations and monies received for events and merchandise are properly deposited. The treasurer also makes sure any and all bills and donations to charities are properly paid and accounted for. He reports to the board any potential issues that could cost the club more than it has and is the keeper of the checkbook and also, due to the possibility of checks coming in, the keeper of the post office box for the club. The treasurer is also responsible for filing any and all tax forms with the state and federal governments and making sure the taxes are paid. – This is a new email and is specifically for the editor of the club’s weekly newsletter, who also posts items on the club’s website that he also manages. So, for all of you that have, and we hope, will continue to submit stories and photos (including photos of ducks and trains) please send them to this email from now on. – This new generic email is for those of you who might have an inquiry, but don’t know whom to address it. The person monitoring this email will check it very regularly and make sure the inquiry gets sent to the proper person to address the question. – This new email is for all of you who might have questions about your membership. Our new Membership Director (Diane Norris) can answer any questions including whether or not your dues have been paid, or when they are due.

Feel free to email anyone of them when you have a query or more and remember, just like you, we are Always Part of the Magic!

October 11th, 2021