Return to Disney California Adventure

This past week, your editor returned to the Disneyland Resort so he could pay a visit to Disney California Adventure for the first time in 19 months. The park was all set to host the Oogie Boogie Bash, Disney’s version of a Halloween private party.

Thursday was a holiday for some (Yom Kippur) so there was a pretty good line of cars waiting to get through the toll booth in the parking garage.
Because there are not parking garage trams currently operating, we could get a good photo of this Halloween welcome sign in the loading area.
A bit of a line to get into DCA that morning.
The lines to get into Disneyland were even longer – though in the afternoon, as the Oogie Boogie Bash started at 6 pm, the lines for DCA would turn long.
Buena Vista Street was lined with purple Halloween decor.
The first photo op pop-up was near the entrance.
Hmmm. Seems a giant bat has landed on the bridge for the monorail.
An old-school black and white Mickey Mouse is looking for spooks on Buena Vista Street.
Mickey Mouse and Walt Disney are still smiling.
Even more bats are flying from the belfry of the Carthay Circle Restaurant.
Playful Pluto wasn’t wearing much of a costume near the fountain.
We made our way for our first visit to the Avengers Campus. This is the walkway leading into the campus at what used to be the entrance to A Bug’s Land.
A big sign makes it very clear what this area is now. Sleek, isn’t it?
The campus supposedly got its start as a research facility for Stark Motors, though in the Marvel Comics Universe that was a front for top secret government research.
This sign confirms what we were told.
What’s that symbol on the side of that building? That is the symbol for the “Web-Tech” corporation. Could it mean Spiderman is around here researching how to make better Spider-Bots? Hmmm.
Did I write Spider-Bots? Here’s how they work.
These guests were trying out a couple Spider-Bots outside a shop that sold them.
Here are some Spider-Bots all ready to go and available for purchase.
Web Slingers looks like something cool. Well it is, sort of, it’s a shop selling Spiderman merchandise and items to supplement a guest’s web slinging capability on the Web Slingers attraction.
Anyone needing a Spiderman costume? Available for ages 3 and up. I wonder how it would look on me with my pudgy belly?
These “Web-Tech: Web-Shooter” attachments are available to improve your web slinging capabilities on the Web Slingers attraction. Only $24.99.
The “Web-Tech: Repulsor” attachment is another device to help out too. Again, only $24.99.
Check out the Web-Tech symbols on the sides of the trash cans.
This seems like a “Strange” area on the Avengers Campus.
This “Sorcerers Only” door leads me to believe this is the area where Doctor Strange might appear.
A magical crystal is the entry to the Doctor Strange Garden of Mystical Arts area.
Good luck trying to stand up straight on this floor in the Garden of Mystical Arts.
The entrance to the Web Slingers attraction, based on the Spiderman movies. Only it was closed as it had had some sort of breakdown that morning.
This is the bathroom for guests at the Avengers Campus. Funny thing, it’s in the exact same spot as the bathroom was for the A Bug’s Land area. Amazing how re-theming can recycle a building.
The PYM Test Kitchen entrance on the Avengers Campus. Yep, it serves real food – some of the food is very large.
It is an order and pick up the food location, like Tomorrowland Terrace at Disneyland. You can walk in and order, or do mobile ordering on your smart phone.
Since PYM did all the work on miniaturizing and enlarging, these are the “containers” that provide the liquids for this…
The drink dispensing machines where guests can serve themselves, and pick from a myriad of drinks. Notice the supply pipes on the upper left.
Lab technicians from the PYM Test Kitchen labs constantly monitor the facility.
Even the ketchup and mustard dispensers are large. Notice the label with the name “Bountiful Farms.” That’s a reference to the original land that occupied this area before A Bug’s Land.
Guardians of the Galaxy escape is now part of Avengers Campus, and this is where the Fastpass machines used to be located. Like all Disney Parks, Fastpass is now extinct and the machines are disappearing rapidly, just like here.
As part of the addition of the Avengers Campus, the energy bolts that were called out for the Guardians of the Galaxy thing when it opened in 2017 by Imagineer Joe Rohde, finally showed up.
Antman looks rather small on this balcony when he appeared.
Wakanda Forever with one of the warriors from that land.
Would you like to try the Shwarma Palace food? They have a cart on the Avengers Campus.
The Quinjet landed on top of one of the buildings of the Avenger Campus. The Guardians of the Galaxy building is just beyond it at the other end of the campus.
This door leads to the Quinjet maintenance bay. Okay, not really.
Hey, it’s your friendly neighborhood Spiderman sitting up there.
Spiderman is there to test some of the new Web-Tech equipment in his Spiderman suit, but he loves to playfully chat with guests on the campus.
One of the tests involves trying out some rather high flying capabilities.
Safe and sound, he hangs around upside down as he talks to guests.
Spiderman shows off how he can climb down a wall, upside down.
Over in Carsland, Luigi decorated his tire tower for Halloween.
A Halloween themed sign in Carsland. We suspect Mater had something to do with this.
Definitely a Halloween photo op in the center of Carsland.
The Stanley fountain statue in front of the Carsland Radiator Springs Courthouse has been appropriately themed for Halloween.
Some spooky and spidery decor on top of the Carsland Route 66 Curio shop of Radiator Springs for Halloween.
The Cozy Cone Motel in Carsland’s Radiator Springs has received the Halloween treatment. And is that a masked up Lightning McQueen up by the motel’s office?
Sarge, of Sarge’s Hut in Carsland, got into the Halloween spirit by panting some spooky “plants” in his garden.
Mater loves Halloween, so he renamed his tractor riding attraction.
A Halloween-themed photo op at the entrance to Radiator Springs and Carsland.
Because the World of Color is not running, seagulls have taken over the lagoon at Disney California Adventure.
Over on the west end of Disney California Adventure, Plaza de la Familia and Coco entertain guests there for the Halloween season.
Check out the colorful decor based on the “Coco” movie.
Coco has provided an Arts area where kids can draw and color.
Coco and his guitar are available for a meet and greet photo. Yes, it’s a puppet.
Boardwalk Pizza & Pasta has not yet reopened from our long pandemic era closure.
Apparently, Mister Potato Head is still in a self quarantine.
Up these stairs is a “Magic Key” pass holder only area. If you are one, you still need a reservation to visit. You get them via the Disneyland app on the smart phone.
The Humphrey Bear statue is decked out for Halloween.
Interesting to see Snow White in Disney California Adventure greeting guest by the fountain.
The Red Cars are still not running on their tracks in Disney California Adventure.
The Disney Theater has not yet returned to regular operation since the pandemic either.
Stage 17 is now called the Backlot Premiere Shop and wait till you see what they sell in there.
Here’s one of the items, a Stan Lee collectible doll for only $235.
Or you can purchase a full-size Ironman statue for a mere $7950!
Nearby, there is a Wand Vision photo op. Kind of unique, take a photo of a TV show through a TV set.
The Headless Horseman statue has galloped into Disney California Adventure for the Halloween season.
These Halloween themed souvenirs are doing their best to mug for the camera. Yes, I had to end this update with a pun.

September 17th, 2021